Biography: Derek joined Merck four years ago, intent on impacting the lives of as many individuals as possible through improving population health outcomes. His previous working roles and teams have included Combat-Theater Military Operations and Security, Acute-Care Health Operations and Finances, Late and Early-Stage Human Pharmaceutical Trial Research, Community and School-Based Clinical Services, the Manufacture of Gardasil and Recombivax Vaccines, and most recently as a Business Consultant within International Commercial Operations for Global Vaccines. Derek's formal education includes Psychology and Business Administration, with the addition of Music Theory, from the reputable programs at the University of Oregon. He continued his post-bachelor education as a joint-degree doctoral student in Clinical Psychology-Healthcare Management concentrations at the prestigious Widener University. During these studies, he focused on synergizing the two fields of Behavioral Medicine and Healthcare Business, which further taught him to precisely measure the impacts of Human Data on Health Outcomes. As a certified Scrum + Agile Leader with Executive Program Management experience, Derek brings a keen mindset for improving systemic structures and weeding out inefficiencies through statistical and data-driven methodologies. A highly technical business and healthcare analyst, skilled at observing and diagnosing distinct anomalies in large and complex processes. He continues developing a broad set of highly transferrable skills in data analytics, people management, executive project management, process improvement, and strategic business insights. Passionate about Diversity and Inclusion, Derek has built off his military experiences to bridge the gap between transitioning servicemembers and the private sector. He built the Veteran organizational infrastructure within Merck & MSD named the Veterans Leadership Council, which has worked in spearheading task organization, mission and organizational alignment, empowerment of contributors, and the acceleration of company hiring practices in the DE&I spaces. It is Derek's philosophy that military leaders bring a high sense of agility and adaptability to ambiguous and complex environments, the likes of which encompass critical sectors, especially the health and pharmaceutical industries. Aspirations: Derek desires to continue tailoring his business skills in the pharmaceutical space and eventually amalgamate Population Health and Business philosophies between Big Pharma and the Acute Care Systems. He believes leadership development is an ongoing experiential practice through which learning and exposing the team to new ideas and perspectives leads to innovation. All while encouraging the innovation and escalation of ideas that increase patient health value and outcomes over time. Derek works best in complex roles that leverage his unique blend of technical expertise in finance, operations, clinical research, project management, and business strategy realization. As a future strategic leader in Biopharma, he will continue contributing to teams by leveraging business insights, strategic policy, health outcome data, and commercial penetration data. Derek will bring a sense of agility, concise organization and effective communication, strategic realization, and execution to boost your team's performance.