Virtual May SACC

May 3-7 2021

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May 3-7 2021




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2021 Virtual SACC events will be held in the career fair platform, Brazen.  

Join us on Friday, 7 May from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm ET for the fair.  In addition to the career fair, plan to attend the more than 20 company sponsored webinars and panel discussions.  Webinars will be held 3-5 May.  Schedule to follow.


  • You must be a graduate of USAFA, USCGA, USMA, USMMA or USNA
  • You must be an active member with your Alumni Association/Association of Graduates
  • Be sure to schedule time to attend webinars - they are great opportunities to connect with and ask questions of recruiters


Virtual SACC registration includes the following:

  • Early, online access to the SACC resume book allowing you to search for and contact candidates who fit your hiring needs prior to the event.  This access is for six months post-event, and resumes can be downloaded.
  • Unlimited job postings until 3 months post event
  • Training for Brazen virtual platform


Company/University Booth Participation        

$3000 per event

   *Customized booth, to include job openings, videos, benefits info and more

   *Unlimited number of recruiters in your booth

   *Your company logo on the SACC website for promotion

   *Access to resumes and profile information for all registered candidates 


Host a Webinar

 $2000 per event (registration required)

    *Live, 45-minute Zoom webinar allows you to feature your organization

    *Webinars are interactive - candidates Q & A during the presentation

    *Webinars are recorded and shared with all registered candidates  

    *Please contact us for details and to get on the schedule


Participation Plus - 4 opportunities available per event

 $1000 per event (registration required)

    *Includes 1 standard booth participation, and:

    *Priority booth placement in event lobby  

    *Your company logo on event landing page

    *Please contact us to include this option in your registration.


Participation Platinum – 1 opportunity available per event – Already Sold

 $2500 per event (registration required)

    *Includes the benefits of Participation Plus, and:

    *Top booth placement in event lobby

    *Your company logo in sidebar of event lobby, visible to all during event

    *Dedicated welcome video displayed on event landing page


Organizations Attending Virtual May SACC