Aaron Stark grew up in Seattle, WA as one of four brothers. Following high school, he entered the Air Force Academy and graduated in 2003 with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering. After graduation, Aaron went on to fly the KC-135 R/T. He earned his MBA in 2011 from Webster University in St Louis. During his flying career, Aaron instructed in both the KC-135 and T-6. He’s flown over 150 combat missions in the KC-135 over Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Turkey. Aaron spent 13 years on active duty. Upon separating in 2016, he founded and built one of the fastest-growing and most successful financial practices and has been recognized at a national level. In just five years, HSI Wealth Strategies achieved MDRT, Quart of the Table, and Top of the Table. Aaron and his wife, Kelly, live in Wichita, KS with their four children, Zoe, Sarah, Sam, and Piper. In their free time, they love to explore the outdoors and travel in their C-421. Aaron is an avid cyclist; his favorite ride is the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. Go Falcons!