Retired O5, 28 years as an aviator and then a Permanent Military Professor at USNA. I came to First Command circuitously after retiring in 2018. I was looking for a career which allowed me to stay in the Annapolis area, offered a good work-life balance since I still have three kids at home, and provided good job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Equally important, I needed to be a part of an organization whose values were aligned with mine, and one which demonstrated a commitment to integrity, teamwork, and service. Income was important, but less so than the other factors. I have now been with First Command for just over two years, and it has been a fantastic experience! The four things I believe you have to balance in the transition from the military - location, income, job satisfaction, and quality of life - are all pegged. And while I had a good sense up front that this job would maximize three of those, I have been pleasantly surprised at how personally and professionally rewarding it is to work directly with people to help them build, manage, and enjoy their financial security. As for corporate culture, First Command feels like a wardroom. Every member of the team, from my office to the Home Office and even advisors and leadership outside of my own district has consistently demonstrated a generous sense of teamwork, and I have received help, guidance, and insight from dozens of people at all levels. If you are looking to be a part of an organization that lives its values, and to have a career that provides the opportunity to run your own business, do something that matters to people on a personal level, and has unlimited earning potential, this is a great place to land when you take off the unirom!