About Buckle: Our mission is to help people who help people. Legitimizing the Shared Economy™. A nice saying but what does it mean? Here at Buckle, we believe that everyone deserves a fair shake. And within that shared economy, nobody has a more important role than rideshare drivers. Buckle feels that things like insurance and financial services were not built for the specific needs of rideshare drivers, so we’re trying to do something about that. We build our products from the ground up to support drivers within the shared economy, and in doing so, legitimize the shared economy for all those involved. In addition to the insurance and credit products sold by the Buckle companies, Buckle is facilitating the InsurTech community by offering a spectrum of services starting with fronting arrangements, MGA oversight, insurance operation services, claims services, and management of reinsurance. About Our People: We are not followers. You won't find suits and cubicles in our workspace. We're open, we share our skills and we trust each other. We're willing to make mistakes. We aren't afraid to fall. We know together we are building something revolutionary and that dream keeps us driven, upbeat and proud. We're on the offensive to make the shared economy the best it can be. If you want to help people who help people, then come join the Buckle Team!

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