Bancroft Capital LLC


Bancroft Capital is a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) operating an Institutional Broker-Dealer and Investment Advisor. Bancroft is founded upon a commitment to service – service to our clients, service to our country, service to our veterans and first responders who have sacrificed on our behalf. Bancroft places financial industry veterans alongside military veterans working together to deliver value-add content to our clients. Each team strives to offer best-in-class service to our institutional clients across an array of financial services. Bancroft is committed to the restoration of veterans to their rightful place of leadership – within society, within their local community, and most of all as leaders within their primary family. Bancroft Capital believes that the integral component to restoration is the opportunity, through one’s own hard work and diligence, to earn economic prosperity. Aware of their sacrifices, we believe first responders are deserving of the same opportunity. For this reason, Bancroft facilitates a Veteran Training Program with two Candidate classes per year.

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