GET is seeking qualified individuals for the position of Nuclear Weapons Subject Matter Expert (SME) in support of the Department of Energy's Office of Classification in Germantown, Maryland.

This is a highly compensated, long-term, on-site position at the Department of Energy facility in Germantown, Maryland.


The SME conducts classification review and analysis of government material in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, DOE orders, and DOE Office of Classification procedures for Restricted Data (RD), Formerly Restricted Data (FRD), and National Security Information (NSI) technical areas such as:

  • Nuclear weapon design, development, testing, production, and deployment
  • Weapon science
  • Inertial confinement fusion (ICF)
  • Ballistic missile and/or reentry body/vehicle design, development, testing, production, and deployment
  • Special nuclear material (SNM) production technologies such as, but not limited to, isotope separation technologies (atomic vapor laser isotope separation, gaseous diffusion, gas centrifuge, etc.) and nuclear material processing
  • Counterintelligence and nuclear intelligence
  • Military utilization of nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon effects
  • Nuclear nonproliferation (technology and/or safeguards programs)
  • Radiological weapons and improvised nuclear devices
  • Space nuclear reactors and naval nuclear propulsion


Security Clearance:

MUST possess an active DOE Q clearance or an active DoD Top Secret clearance


Experience & Skills:

The SME shall:

  • Have at least five (5) years' total field experience working in one or more of the nuclear-related subject areas described in the bullet points above.
  • Have direct experience in the nuclear weapon programs and related activities at DOE and/or DoD, and have some familiarity with classification and sensitive information-related activities.
  • Have comprehensive, detailed knowledge of how a thermonuclear weapon is constructed and a clear understanding of why and how a thermonuclear weapon works.


Ideally, the SME will have served a two (2)-year tour of duty as a military service Military Research Associate (MRA) or other similar commercial and/or private service, at a national laboratory in the nuclear weapon area such as:

LLNL employees in Weapons and Complex Integration

a. Weapon Physics and Design Program

b. Weapon Technologies and Engineering

c. Weapon Simulation and Computing


LANL employees in Weapons Program

a. Weapons Physics

b. Weapons Production

c. Weapons Engineering


SNL employees in Nuclear Weapons Program

a. Weapons Engineering

b. Research and Development

c. Stockpile Management and Stewardship

d. Weapons Science & Technology


Military assignments/positions which involve use of weapons science/engineering/simulation

a. Certain work at DTRA and military nuclear weapons programs/facilities

b. Does not include assignments to operational units (SSBN, USSTRATCOM, etc.)


NNSA Production Facilities employees whose work involves use of weapons science/engineering/simulation

a. KCNSC employees in nuclear security mission whose work includes use of weapon design/science/engineering information

b. Y-12 employees whose work includes use of weapon design/science/engineering information


Specialized nuclear weapon design/science/engineering training

a. Weapon Intern Program


Please note that the above list is not comprehensive. The key aspect of any equivalent tour is exposure to information about, general understanding of, and familiarity with the “physics package,” in other words the design (configuration, materials, etc.) and functioning (physics of a thermonuclear weapon – implosion, fission, boosting, etc.). While desired, this equivalent field experience need not rise to the level of subject matter expertise in nuclear weapon design/science/engineering (found in parts of the organizations listed above, such as A, B, or Z-Division at LLNL or X-Division at LANL).




Requires a Master's degree in one of the physical sciences (or a related area of engineering) from an accredited college or university.



Benefits include:

  • Medical plan options with United Health Care
  • Dental insurance
  • Long-term and Short-term Disability
  • Life insurance
  • AD&D insurance
  • Generous 401(k) match

All benefits are effective on day one of employment.

About Global Engineering & Technology, Inc.:

Global Engineering & Technology (GET) executes a wide scope of classified support functions in areas such as nuclear information classification and declassification analysis, nuclear safety basis analysis and engineering, cybersecurity analysis and engineering, and management support services for the federal government. Since 1999, GET has experienced continual growth in its workforce while performing some of our nation's most delicate and important work. The key to GET's success has been a resolute commitment to offering outstanding service and support to the company's clients and employees. GET is committed to building meaningful and innovative support services tailored to each customer while fostering a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding environment for every employee.

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