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At AKF Partners we specialize in Technology Consulting, Information Security Consulting, Scalability and Growth Workshops & Training, Interim Technology Leadership, Product Organization Consulting Services, SaaS Consulting and SaaS Transformation, Digital Transformation Services & Consulting. Our technical due diligence process starts with understanding your investment objectives. With your guidance we construct a technical due diligence scope that typically involves evaluation of the target company’s technology, organization, and process. This evaluation is typically performed onsite in one day but it can be done remotely for special cases. Today’s world is fraught with security challenges. AKF Partners has served as CISO at numerous companies and has a well-developed assessment process to get you on the right track. With our help, you can rest easier knowing you are following industry best practices and are working towards increased security levels. Our assessment not only rates you on your preparedness but also outlines a roadmap for you to follow.During our workshops, your team will gain exposure to AKF tools, models, and approaches that we developed through our decades of experience as CTOs and technology executives at both large organizations and start-ups. We offer Agile training, scalability design, organizing for innovation, and training for other product growth related topics. These events are offered periodically to the public, but they can be tailored to your company’s needs and delivered on your campus just to your employees. AKF Partners brings decades of real-world experience as CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Chief Architects, and Technical Operations leaders. We can fill vacancies in your technology leadership team, we can help source and interview candidates for these positions, or we can mentor people stepping up into these roles. Hiring the right person can take weeks or even months. Don’t rush the process just to fill the position. We can step in giving you time to recruit and retain the right person for the long term.AKF Partners brings decades of hands-on executive operational experience, years of primary research, and over a decade of successful consulting experience to the realm of product organization structure. We can help identify and resolve why. Whether you are a new SaaS business, a SaaS business trying to compete more successfully against competition, or an on-premise product company looking to transition to a SaaS business, AKF Partners can help. For any new, existing and converting SaaS businesses, we can perform a complete review of your: Business Strategy Financial Operations Product Approach to Market Product Architecture Engineering Processes Technical Operations Each is evaluated relative to both your desired outcomes and AKF SaaS best practices to validate or inform changes to your business, product and technology strategies. AKF Partners offers everything you need for a complete digital transformation of your company. Are you: a brick and mortar business trying to make sense of how you should convert your business to be successful in a digital world? a bank attempting to move customers out of a branch and to the internet? a retailer attempting to compete against the “born digital” competition? an on-premise software or solutions provider looking to compete in the anything-as-a-service world? We can help! As part of our digital consultancy, we review your: Digital Business Strategy Digital Financial Operations and Capital Allocation Digital Solution Approach to Market covering TAM, SAM and SOM Digital Solution Architecture Digital Architecture Digital Engineering, IT Processes, PDLC/SDLC Digital Technical Operations Each of the above is evaluated against AKF best practices and your desired business outcomes. We validate your desired outcomes and produce a plan to achieve them. We’ll even help you execute it, augmenting your team with former executives who have “seen it and done it” before.

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